The written art form is not my specialty, I barely make it with a tattoo machine or pin striping brush for that matter. My point is please bare with me through this bio section, or just pass on through and start looking around. I’m sure you just happened to stumble upon this website on shear accident anyway.

My brief history up to this point is as follows. After spending a handful of years as a fine dining chef I knew I needed a change. I got extremely lucky and landed a tattoo apprenticeship. After learning what I could I decided to venture into studio ownership as well. Body Language Productions was born in late 1997. In 1999 we moved the location to where we still are today, scenic Columbus, Ohio. Sometime in 2005 I decide to try my hand at pin striping. The actual muse was my Grandfather who had been a sign painter his whole life. There was something lost when our world started turning to the computer driven vinyl sign machines. I merely decided to dabble in this craft for tradition purpose only. I was totally unaware of the addiction I would face in the months to come. After struggling for a few months I started to see a little improvement and really started to see how versatile this lost art was. Month by month my pin striping and sign painting skills started to improve, also the time I spent down in the basement practicing these old timey maneuvers with the brush started to increase as well. Soon I became consumed with the craft as a whole. Venturing deeper, learning proper lettering techniques and how to engine turn 23K gold leaf. All the while trying my best to reference the greats, but throw my own spin onto the subject matter. My most recent endeavors have been the highly gold leafed skateboards and the retro or pulp based portraits with pin stripe backgrounds.

I still tattoo quite a lot, but split my time working with the sign painting tools as well.

I have recently opened a private invite only art/tattoo studio in a warehouse district here in Columbus. Giving me the opportunity to tattoo, draw, or paint during the same day. Hopefully this will only aid my creativity.

It is important to realize, which shouldn’t be too hard, that I am in no way a formal artisan. Nor am I a jump on the ban wagon gear head. To be quite honest, I more drawn to the automotive art than to the actual automobiles. As much as my art lends itself to the 50’s, my biggest influence is the 70’s. Drab pastels and Vegas stars sort of thing.

At this point you may be saying, what the f*..this guy is boring as hell. You’re right, I am. There are very few personnel things to know about me, and that are reflected in my work.

I love my wife. I like sushi, guns, rottweilers, tattoos, micro beer, 1Shot, fart jokes and ball tag. I dislike the government, cell phones, art fags and political correctness. That’s the long and short of it.

If you like something…BUY IT! If you don’t…Join the club. All works are copyrighted by wescoreart, so keep your filthy mitts off my stuff!